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By Upper East Smiles
February 18, 2020
Category: Orthodontist FAQs
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How treatment from your orthodontist in Upper East Side, New York, can give you a straight, beautiful smile

If you want a straight smile, did you know there are now more orthodontic options than ever before? It’s true! Thanks to modern dental materials and techniques, there is an orthodontic treatment to suit every lifestyle and every need. Orthodontic treatment can give you a straight, beautiful smile quicker, more easily, and more comfortable than you’ve ever thought possible.

Here at Upper East Smiles in the Upper East Side, your orthodontist, Dr. Jessie Choi, offers a complete line-up of orthodontic options for you to choose from, including:

  • Conventional metal brackets and wires, the mainstay of orthodontic treatment
  • Ceramic brackets and clear wires, an excellent aesthetic option
  • Lingual braces, which are attached to the back surfaces of your teeth

You can also choose custom trays, known as aligners, to straighten your smile. These aligners are clear, smooth, and virtually invisible to people around you.

No matter which orthodontic option you choose, you can have a straight smile in as little as 6 to 30 months. Why is it important to have a straight smile? Consider that straightening your smile provides:

  • A more appealing, attractive smile, which can enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • A smile that is easier to keep clean, because it’s easier to brush and floss straight teeth
  • Less stress on your teeth, so you have a lessened chance of broken teeth and needing restorations later on
  • Less stress on your jaws, which can help prevent headaches, earaches, TMJ, and facial pain
  • A more functional bite, which helps you chew and enjoy the foods you love

To learn more about orthodontics, please visit the orthodontic section of frequently asked questions and answers on the Upper East Smiles website at

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You deserve a straight, beautiful smile and your orthodontist can help. To get started on your new smile, call Dr. Jessie Choi, your orthodontist in the Upper East Side by dialing (646) 864-1808 today.

By Upper East Smiles
January 14, 2019
Category: Orthodontist FAQs
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Dental BracesFind out which type of braces will fix your smile and fit into your lifestyle.

Are you contemplating getting braces from our Upper East Side dentists? If so, you may be wondering what the best approach will be to straightening your smile, as there are a lot of factors to consider. Read on to learn the different types of braces and the pros and cons of each.


Traditional Metal Braces

When you picture braces what do you see? Do you see metal brackets and wires adhered to a smile? If so, then you’re thinking about traditional metal braces. Of course, these braces have certainly advanced over the years and are now lighter and sleeker than you might remember and can additionally handle a wide range of dental issues.

Pros: Least expensive orthodontic system; can fix severe misalignments

Cons: They are visible; may cause slight irritation to the gums, particularly when first wearing them.


Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces work in exactly the same way as traditional metal braces but as you might be able to guess, this style of braces is made from tooth-colored ceramic so that they blend in with the teeth. While you will still be able to see these braces, they are certainly less noticeable than their metal counterparts.

Pros: Blends in with your teeth; can still address more serious dental issues

Cons: Can be prone to staining if you do not work to keep them clean


Lingual Braces

With lingual braces, all we do is take traditional metal braces and bond them to the back of your teeth rather than the front. Since these braces are applied to the back of your teeth, they won’t be able to fix all misalignments and issues.

Pros: They aren’t visible when you smile

Cons: They won’t be ideal for patients with underbites or those who play certain instruments; it can be more challenging to clean them.



Most people have heard of Invisalign, a completely transparent system that uses a set of mouthguard-like aligners that fit over teeth to move them into place. Aligners are worn for around 22 hours out of the day but can be removed for eating and brushing. Invisalign is ideal for older teens/adults and requires periodic visits to our Upper East Side office.

Pros: They are nearly invisible; length of treatment is often shorter than traditional braces; less likely to cause discomfort or irritation.

Cons: Aligners can stain easily; can be more expensive than other options; isn’t right for children and young teens.


If you want to discuss your orthodontic treatment options with our Upper East Side dental team, don’t hesitate to call Upper East Smiles today to find out how we can help you achieve the perfect smile. Our number is (646) 864-1808.

By Upper East Smiles
July 13, 2017
Category: Orthodontist FAQs
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Orthodontists diagnose and correct a variety of problems pertaining to theOrthodontist alignment, spacing and positioning of the teeth, as well as problems with the jaw. Depending on the problem, braces, finger appliances or other orthodontic gear might be needed. Below are the answers to a few frequently asked questions patients often ask orthodontists. At Upper East Smiles, Dr. Junginn Choi is your Upper East Side orthodontist and can answer any additional questions you might have.

What Types of Braces are Available?

There are several types of braces for straightening the teeth and correcting problems with the bite. Three types of braces are traditional metal, clear ceramic and lingual. All three types utilize brackets and wires to move the teeth. With both traditional metal and clear ceramic braces, placement of the brackets is on the front of the teeth. With lingual braces, brackets are discreetly mounted on the back of the teeth. All three are effective for straightening your smile. Ceramic and lingual braces happen to be less noticeable options versus metal braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an alternative to braces for straightening your smile. Instead of brackets and wires, Invisalign aligns the teeth using soft trays that are both removable and clear. These two features offer several advantages. Since the trays are clear, they are is barely noticeable, which is appealing to many patients. Being able to remove the trays, as needed, is extremely convenient. The trays can be removed for photographs, important events, when eating or drinking and when brushing and flossing.

What are Thumb and Finger Appliances?

Thumb and finger appliances are metal devices worn in the mouth to help children stop sucking on their fingers or thumbs. Some appliances are removable, while others are fixed in place temporarily to keep the child from removing the device. Your Upper East Side Orthodontist can determine which type is best for your child’s situation. Whether removable or not, these appliances fit in the mouth in the area where the thumb or finger usually sits, making it impossible for children to continue sucking on the thumb or finger until they lose interest.

Is it Important to Still See a Dentist While Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment?

Although you are seeing a dental professional while undergoing orthodontic treatment, such as braces for straightening the teeth, it is still important to see your dentist regularly. Dentists and orthodontists specialize in different areas. While an orthodontist specializes in correcting problems with positioning of the teeth or jaw, a dentist focuses keeping teeth and gums healthy. In fact, since braces and other orthodontic gear can easily trap food particles, it is especially important to see a dentist for regular cleanings while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

See your Upper East Side orthodontist for additional questions about orthodontic treatments. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Choi, call Upper East Smiles at (646) 864-1808.