Children and Their First Appointment
By Upper East Smiles
December 30, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures

Here’s what to expect at your child’s first dental checkup.

Getting your child familiar and comfortable with the dentist is one of the best things you can do for them and their budding smiles. Of course, we know that your child’s first dental appointment can be nerve-wracking for new parents. From the office of our Upper East Side, NY, pediatric dentist Dr. Jennifer Chon and the dental team at Upper East Smiles, here’s what to expect when you and your little one come in for their first appointment,

Talk with Your Child About the Dentist. Instead of surprising them once they get to our office, it’s better to explain to them what to expect at their visit. Have a positive attitude and tone when talking about visiting the dentist. You can even tell them about good experiences you’ve had and that you also make your smile a priority by seeing the dentist twice a year. Still not sure how to explain your child’s dental checkup to them? This creative cartoon may help.

Get Prepared. Chances are good that you have questions about your child’s oral health. If you have questions or concerns, make sure to write them all down beforehand so that our Upper East Side, NY, pediatric dentist can address them. You should focus your energy on keeping your child calm by staying calm yourself. After all, there’s really nothing to worry about; this is a simple, routine checkup.

Here’s What to Expect. Your child’s first dental appointment is so important because it helps our team establish rapport with your little one. Once they understand that there is nothing to fear when they come into our Upper East Smiles, NY, office, it will make those six-month appointments even easier. Here’s what to expect at your child’s first appointment,

  • We will sit down and get to know both you and your child
  • We will go through any concerns or questions you may have
  • We will go through your child’s detailed medical history
  • We will then perform a simple oral exam, which involves looking in their mouth and making sure that teeth and gums are healthy and free from plaque
  • We may need to clean their teeth and gums if there is plaque or tartar present (we will walk you through every step of the oral exam so there are no surprises!)
  • We can provide recommendations and advice on how to keep your infant’s developing smile healthy throughout their childhood and teen years

You should start bringing your child in for routine cleanings every six months by the time they turn one year old (or by the time their first baby tooth erupts).

If you are on the hunt for a pediatric dentist on the Upper East Side, NY, that can provide comprehensive dental care to your newborn, infant, children or teen, then call Upper East Smiles at (646) 864-1808 to schedule an appointment.