Dental Bonding and Reshaping
By Upper East Smiles
May 30, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out how this simple and non-invasive procedure could reshape your smile the way you want.cosmetic dentistry

When people think about cosmetic dentistry they often think that it involves intense makeovers and in-depth procedures, but you may be surprised to learn that our Upper East Side, NYC, cosmetic dentists can give you a revamped smile with the help of two easy and inexpensive procedures known as dental bonding and tooth reshaping.

Ready to make some subtle cosmetic changes to your smile? Then either of these procedures could help you out. Even the smallest changes can make a huge impact on how your smile looks and how confident you feel.

What is tooth reshaping?

During this non-invasive treatment, sometimes referred to as dental contouring, our Upper East Side, NY, dentists will file off small bits of enamel from your tooth in order to change the length, size or shape. You wouldn’t believe how much a tooth can change even with just a couple of millimeters shaved off of it. And since we are only removing trace amounts of enamel, we can often perform this procedure painlessly without the need for a local anesthetic.

What is dental bonding?

This treatment often goes hand-in-hand with tooth reshaping. Sometimes you have cracks, chips, stains and even gaps between your teeth that you want to fix. Perhaps tooth reshaping was able to make an oddly shaped tooth look more even with the rest of your smile. However, you still have some imperfections that need to be covered up. Of course, shaving those areas down isn’t always an option, but dental bonding can easily cover these flaws up.

This technique allows us to place a tooth-colored resin over these problem areas to sculpt and improve not only the shape of a tooth but also the color as well. If you have some small discolorations that teeth whitening can’t treat, dental bonding might be able to mask it.

If you want to find out if your smile is the ideal candidate for dental bonding or tooth reshaping, then turn to Upper East Smiles in NY to schedule a no-risk consultation. Let’s get you the smile you know you want.