How Sealants Can Protect Your Child's Smile
By Upper East Smiles
August 02, 2019
Category: Oral Health
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Children can be some of the most difficult patients when it comes to going to the dentist for checkups and treatments. It’s also difficult to get them to take care of their teeth properly at home. If you want help protecting your child’s smile, consider dental sealants, which will give you some peace of mind. It’s a common treatment a pediatric dentist at Upper East Smiles, located on the Upper East Side of New York, NY, can provide your young one.

Dental Sealants for Kids
It can be a challenge to convince a young child to go to the dentist willingly. But if you start the tradition of regular dental visits early, you can minimize the need for cavity drilling and fillings. A dental sealant is a treatment that guards your child’s teeth from decay and bacteria that require unpleasant visits to the dentist. This treatment is also pain-free and easy for your Upper East Side, NY, pediatric dentist to administer.

How Dental Sealants Protect Your Child’s Smile
A dental sealant is made of a plastic-like tooth-colored material. In its liquid form, it is applied in thin layers on the pits and fissures of the top surfaces of the teeth. It bonds to the enamel and hardens, protecting the surface from the infiltration of food particles, bacteria, and film. Your child’s teeth will avoid decay for several years. It’s a treatment that is recommended for children who are ages six to 14 (generally as soon as permanent molars grow in).

An Easy Appointment
Assure your child that there’s no need for anxiety when he or she visits the dentist for dental sealants. The teeth will be cleaned, lightly prepared, then sealed and cured in the span of about 15 to 30 minutes. After the treatment, you should still bring your child in for regular professional cleanings and encouraged daily brushing habits.

Smile Protection for Your Child
When you take early action to protect your child’s smile, you increase the chance that she or he will have good dental health in the near and distant future. Get help from a pediatric dentist at Upper East Smiles on the Upper East Side, New York, NY, today by calling (646) 864-1808.