Signs Your May Need Braces
By Upper East Smiles
March 01, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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There are many reasons why someone may need braces from your dentists Dr. bracesBenjamin Hsu and Dr. Hunter Smart at Upper East Smiles in the Upper East Side, NY. Whether for a child or an adult, we can determine the best treatment method for each oral health situation. By understanding what signs may signal the need for braces, you can better protect your teeth and gums for a lifetime.

Reasons You May Need Braces

While your Upper East Side orthodontist knows these signs, it’s important to know them yourself so you can schedule an important exam.

Here are some of the reasons why braces may be for you:

  1. Foods get stuck between your teeth: This usually means that you have a food pocket that forms when you have a small space between teeth. This space causes food to get stuck or wedged there. If you don’t floss often enough, it can sit there for a long time leading to gum disease and/or cavities.
  2. You have an uncomfortable bite: If you bite feels funny as if your teeth don’t fit together, you may need braces. In some instances, you may bite down and have a large space between both your upper and lower teeth known as an overbite. When teeth fit together properly, they protect themselves as the jaw moves. When you have a large overbite or underbite, your teeth aren’t protected and it is harder to chew.
  3. Your teeth are crowded: This makes it hard to keep the surfaces clean. Also, when they are crowded, they may be contacting other teeth.
  4. You have trouble sleeping: This can be due to the position of your jaw leading to sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that stops and starts breathing while one sleeps.

When you’re uncertain if you need braces or not, schedule an appointment with an orthodontist at Upper East Smiles in Upper East Side, NY. They are well versed in all of the issues that can lead to the need for braces, whether in children or adults. Contact them today at (646) 864-1808 to begin the journey to a more beautiful smile.