Are Braces Right for Your Child?

If you think that your child needs braces to correct his bite problem or crowded teeth, you can obtain an orthodontic assessment by the time he’s seven years old. You can have this evaluation done by an orthodontist, which is a dentist that has undergone extra training to specialize in straightening and aligning the teeth.

Here at Upper East Smiles in Upper East Side, NY, our orthodontist can evaluate your child’s bite to determine whether he needs dental braces. In most cases, however, the most appropriate time for orthodontic treatment would depend significantly on the cause and severity of the child’s misalignment.

What to Know About Phases of Orthodontic Treatment

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment using dental braces starts when the child has shed most of his primary or baby teeth, and most of his permanent or adult teeth have come in. Generally speaking, this occurs between eight and 14 years old. In case orthodontic treatment is required at this time, your orthodontist in Upper East Side, NY, may recommend preventive or interceptive care to leverage the growth of the child and guide the desired outcomes alongside the child’s development.

Another option is to take the interceptive approach, which entails the use of other dental appliances, other than braces, at a younger age even if the child still has baby teeth. Once the child is older and has most of his adult teeth, the second treatment phase may be started using braces.

In most cases, the second treatment phase may be shorter than if the child didn’t undergo the interceptive treatment phase. It’s crucial to point out, however, that choosing which approach to take will be mainly dependent on your orthodontist and based on factors specific to your child’s case.

If Not Dental Braces, Then What?

Your orthodontist will take detailed impressions of your child’s jaw and teeth, diagnose what needs correcting, create a treatment plan, and perform the plan as required. While traditional dental braces are among the most common orthodontic treatments, your orthodontist may also recommend other options including invisible braces or clear aligners, a plate, elastics, or retainers. Essentially, the most suitable solution for your child would depend primarily on the severity and exact nature of your child’s orthodontic issues.

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