Dental Fillings Restore Damaged Teeth

At Upper East Smiles on the Upper East Side, NY, our dental professionals provide comprehensive dental care to keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful! Fillings are just one service we offer. Dental fillings can salvage teeth that have been damaged by decay and keep your smile looking great.

Getting a cavity

When plaque builds upon the surface of the teeth and isn't removed by regular brushing, the bacteria eat away at the enamel, causing a cavity. When you have a cavity, a filling can replace the decayed tooth structure with strong material and save your tooth! Left untreated, a cavity will only get bigger and deeper into the tooth. By the time you have a toothache, it's likely that you have a significant amount of decay so don't delay calling your Upper East Side dentist! We can repair the tooth with a small filling before you need a root canal or a complete tooth replacement.

Getting a filling

When you get a filling at your dentist in the Upper East Side, NY, you will be numbed first. Once you are numb, all the decay is drilled away so only healthy tooth structure remains. Then dental bonding is used to fill the cavity. The composite resin material used for dental bonding is strong and designed to match your natural teeth. Your dentist sculpts the material directly onto the tooth to fill the cavity. Then the material is trimmed and polished so it blends in perfectly with your smile.

Upper East Smiles is here for you when you have a cavity and need a filling. Getting a filling at your dentist on the Upper East Side, NY, is a routine and relatively painless procedure. You need to keep up a great oral hygiene routine at home and even if you don't have a history of cavities, scheduling teeth cleaning appointments twice a year is recommended, Contact us for an appointment at (646) 864-1808.

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