Let Dental Implants Restore Your Smile
By Upper East Smiles
May 05, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Tooth loss is something most people never want to think about, much less discuss. dental implantsWhile it is possible to keep most or all teeth well into old age with solid oral hygiene practices and regular dental care, the reality is that many people still experience tooth loss every year. And the risk is reportedly as much as three times higher for smokers.

But even for the regular flossing, yearly dentist visiting, non-smoking adults, trauma from an accident or fall can lead to the loss of one or several teeth, often in the front of the mouth where they are most visible. Dentures and crowns continue to be common and reliable alternatives, but they only address half of the problem.

Upgrade Your Smile with Dental Implants on the Upper East Side

Like the last 11 AM reservation on Sunday morning at the best Upper East Side brunch spot, once the root of a tooth is gone, it is gone for good. That is, until the development of dental implants. While dentures and crowns can replace the portion of the tooth that is visible when you smile (arguably the most important), an implant replaces the root below the gum line. Why is this important? The root is necessary to prevent bone loss, which can lead to periodontal disease and other health complications, and for support and stability for both the new crown and the remaining natural teeth next to it.

The dentists at NYC-based Upper East Smiles can replace missing teeth with implants for patients in good health, with enough remaining bone density in the gums. First, the implant is placed, after which it gradually begins to fuse with the surrounding bone tissue. Once the implant has healed, the crown is attached, making for a complete replacement, almost as good as the real thing. Implants are secure and permanent, as long as patients can commit to rigorous oral hygiene and regular follow ups with the dentist.

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