• Importance Of A Routine Check-Up
    When was the last time you paid Dr. Joy Ko at Upper East Smiles in New York, NY, a visit? If you're like many people, chances are it was more Read more
  • Importance Of Children's Oral Health
    Beginning good dental hygiene habits at an early age is crucial to your child’s oral health throughout their life. However, many parents may not be fully aware of what their Read more
  • What Is An Orthodontist And What Do They Do?
    At Upper East Smiles, we offer many dental treatments, including the services of an orthodontist for the New York, NY area. An orthodontist is a dental doctor that specializes in Read more
  • Reasons You Might Need A Dental Crown
    A dental crown from your dentists in the Upper East Side, NY, can restore your smile. Did you know that dental crowns provide strength and protection for damaged teeth? Dental crowns Read more
  • Dental Fillings Restore Damaged Teeth
    At Upper East Smiles on the Upper East Side, NY, our dental professionals provide comprehensive dental care to keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful! Fillings are just one Read more
  • How Dental Implants Work
    Dental implants are the more natural tooth replacement. The dentists at Upper East Smiles in the Upper East Side in NYC know dental implants, and you may want to consider Read more
  • Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options
    Your smile is one of your most important features. We can make it perfect! Sure, a good smile can lift and brighten any mood. In fact, there is an array of Read more
  • Eating Safely When You Have Braces
    Braces can help you conquer a number of dental conditions, with often dramatic results. But making the most out of this investment of time, money, and in your smile, requires Read more
  • Children and Their First Appointment
    Here’s what to expect at your child’s first dental checkup. Getting your child familiar and comfortable with the dentist is one of the best things you can do for them and Read more
  • Dental Implants Can Restore Your Smile
    Find out exactly how implants can replace your missing teeth for life. You’ve probably noticed that a lot of your sports players have missing teeth (this is what happens if Read more
  • How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You
    Cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve the smile you truly desire. Various procedures are available for correcting a broad range of cosmetic concerns, from a chipped tooth to excess spacing Read more
  • Proper Dental Care During Orthodontic Treatment
    Follow this helpful advice to keep your smile healthy with braces. Just because you have braces doesn’t mean that you can let your dental hygiene fall by the wayside. In fact, Read more
  • Are Braces Right for Your Child?
    If you think that your child needs braces to correct his bite problem or crowded teeth, you can obtain an orthodontic assessment by the time he’s seven years old. You Read more
  • Smile Problems That Braces Can Treat
    How braces from your orthodontist in Upper East Side, New York can help your smile. If you have an uneven, crooked smile, or if your jaws are poorly aligned and it Read more
  • Your Orthodontic Options
    How treatment from your orthodontist in Upper East Side, New York, can give you a straight, beautiful smile If you want a straight smile, did you know there are now more Read more
  • Tips to Keep Your Child's Smile Healthy
    Your child's smile is something that brings you joy in life, and good oral hygiene can keep that smile healthy and beautiful! Here at Upper East Smiles on the Upper Read more

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